Year in Review, 2013

As 2014 dawns upon us, here’s a quick look back at what I got up to in 2013.


I went to some conferences and gave some talks.


I went on .Net Rocks to talk about building games in F#.


I went on Mostly Erlang with Bryan Hunter and Phil Trelford.


I did a show with Community for F#.


I co-authored a white paper for InfoQ.


I worked on some projects.

  • FSharp.Markdown.Pdf, formats markdown to PDF
  • DynamoDB.SQL, SQL-like DSL for performing query and scan operations in Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon.SimpleWorkflow.Extensions, DSL to simplify usage patterns of Amazon SimpleWorkflow service

    I learnt Dart and made some mini-games with Dart and StageXL.


    I also spent some time learning Clojure.


    I briefly rekindled my interest in Project Euler.


    And finally, here are my top 10 posts in 2013.

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