Win a ticket to OSCON Amsterdam!

As I mentioned several weeks ago, OSCON is coming to Europe for the first time ever and will be held in Amsterdam on 26th and 27th of October.


Some pretty cool tech com­pa­nies will be there – GitHub, DataS­tax, Google, Thought­Works, Pay­Pal, Heroku and Spo­tify to name a few! I will be talk­ing about “Mod­el­ling Game Econ­omy with Neo4j” there. And as a build-up to the main conference I’ll also be doing a webcast on Elm on Sep 15th.


The good folks at O’Reilly has been very kind to offer a FREE ticket to OSCON (worth €855 + 21% VAT) to one lucky reader of this blog!

To enter, just submit a comment below and tell us what is your favourite open source project. I’ll pick a random commenter as the winner in about two weeks time and announce it on this blog.


To get things started, my favourite open source project at the moment is a tie between Paket and FAKE, many thanks to Steffen for starting both projects!


  1. Deor   •  


  2. Guillaume L   •  


  3. Hans Kruse   •  

    F# compiler andere language.
    Or should I say JQuery? So many beautiful and useful things that help with every day work.

  4. Matthias Weiser   •  

    Dapper and

  5. someoneorother   •  

    F# compiler and core language!

  6. Ivan Dmitriev   •  

    Elm is really cool

  7. sumitdatta   •  

    My favorite is Python!

  8. Julian Bonnici   •  

    my favourite opensource project is Grafana! :)

  9. ciorga   •  

    Project Orleans

  10. Alexander Esser   •  

    I go with Elixir

  11. MeadSteve   •  

    I’m picking git. Mainly because it enables co-operation on many of the other open source projects I was considering.

  12. Mike Titus   •  

    Ansible. I use it every day to administer and debug existing servers, and to launch new servers.

  13. Lind-Lau el Loren   •  

    git, just for the fact im using it most of my day

  14. MattAJones   •  

    my favourite open source project is Elasticsearch

  15. Maikel Mardjan   •  

    Still my most favourite OSS project is FreeBSD ( Best for playing and hosting everything. All great OSS projects work on BSD or have a port. I’ll love using BSD jails with the great ezjail tool!

  16. Yan Cui   •  

    Congratulations! You’re the lucky winner of the ticket to OSCON, please send me your contact details to and I’ll get the ticket over to you.

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