Production-Ready Serverless is back!

Yan Cui

I help clients go faster for less using serverless technologies.

My Production-Ready Serverless workshop is back in January 2021 and will feature all the latest changes and features from re:Invent 2020.

This is a hands-on workshop where you will learn best practices for building serverless applications by building an e-commerce solution from scratch.

By the end of the workshop, you should have a clear idea when serverless is a good fit for your system, what best practices to follow, and common mistakes to avoid.

You will follow along with my instructions and build a web application step-by-step. Along the way you will learn how to:

  • implement server-side rendering
  • authenticate users with Cognito
  • securing internal APIs with AWS_IAM
  • testing strategies for serverless
  • CI/CD best practices
  • manage application configurations and secrets
  • security best practices
  • logging best practices
  • monitoring & alerting best practices
  • distributed tracing with X-Ray
  • automatically capture and forward correlation IDs
  • and much more!

Check out the full curriculum here.

It’s a workshop for beginners and experienced AWS engineers alike, there’s something for everyone here as we take a deep dive into some of these topics (e.g. cost optimization, event-driven architectures, patterns for building fault-tolerance).

And it goes without saying that all materials are available to you forever afterwards, including the recording of the lessons and the workshop demo code.

Available formats

What’s more, we want to cater to how YOU wish to learn. We’ll run the workshop in two different flavours:

  • For those of you who want to get up-to-speed as quickly as possible, or prefer an instructor-led environment where you can get instant feedback. We’re running a 2-day workshop on Jan 7th-8th. We’re running an instructor-led, 2-day workshop on Jan 7th-8th over Zoom. Expect ~6 hours of total screen time each day with regular breaks in between.

  • If you prefer to learn at your own pace, or can’t commit more than a few hours each week then check out our 4-week, self-paced workshop starting on Jan 18th. This workshop features two weekly live Q&A sessions, and you can also ask for help and chat with your fellow students on our Discord server. Our last cohort from Sep 2020 enjoyed some fantastic exchange of ideas and discussions and more than made up for having slightly less direct interactions with the instructor (me).

Both formats cover the same curriculum, so no matter which one you choose, you will get the same deep-dive into one of the hottest areas of software development. What’s more, as a reader of this blog, you get a 15% OFF promo code yanprs15, redeemable on both formats.


What’s the pre-requisite for this workshop?

I assume you have some basic understanding of AWS, knows how to navigate your way around the AWS console. Experience with Lambda, CloudFormation and other relevant services would be a great help, but those will be covered in the introductory section of this workshop.

Also, the exercises in this workshop will be carried out in Node.js but you don’t need to be an expert. I will give you detailed instructions and provide you with all the code you need to write. But it’ll be helpful if you can understand basic Javascript and knows how to install packages from NPM.

I’m running serverless in production already, is this workshop still relevant for me?

Yes! I have trained many engineers with production experience of serverless technologies and helped raise their game and help them make better architectural decisions when it comes to both AWS and serverless.

In fact, those that get the most from this workshop tend to have some experience with serverless technologies in AWS already. Because they often have specific questions or challenges they are facing, and I can help them address those questions/challenges during the workshop.

I want to send my whole team. Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, we do! Send your query to and we can work out a group discount for you.

Do you offer diversity tickets for students and minority groups in tech?

Yes, we do! If you are a student or from a minority group (e.g. women in tech) and cannot afford the regular ticket price, then please email me at and apply.

COVID has affected my work situation but I really like to attend your workshop, can you help?

Absolutely, it’s been a hard time for everyone involved and we totally understand and would love to help. Please email me at and tell me about your situation and how I can help.