Conference Takeaways


OSCON My pick from the keynotes
Poly­conf Expe­ri­ence report
NDC Oslo Bryan Hunter – Lean and Func­tion­al Pro­gram­ming
NDC Oslo Troy Hunt – 50 Shades of AppSec
Craft Kyle Kings­bury – Jepsen IV : Hope Springs Eter­nal
Craft Michael Nygard – Archi­tec­ture with­out an End State
Craft Tam­mer Saleh – Microser­vice Anti-Pat­terns
Craft Michael Feath­ers – The Hid­den Dimen­sion of Refac­tor­ing
Craft Adri­an Tre­na­man – Scal­ing micro-ser­vices at Gilt
Craft Dan North – Beyond Fea­tures
Craft Expe­ri­ence report
QCon Lon­don Melis­sa Per­ris – The Bad Idea Ter­mi­na­tor
QCon Lon­don Matt Ran­ney – Scal­ing Uber’s real­time mar­ket plat­form
QCon Lon­don Randy Shoup – Ser­vice archi­tec­tures at Scale, Lessons from Google and Ebay
QCon Lon­don Kevlin Hen­ney – Small is Beau­ti­ful
QCon Lon­don Adam Torn­hill – Code as Crime Scene
Code­Mo­tion Rome Richard Rodger – Mea­sur­ing micro-ser­vices
Joy of Cod­ing Expe­ri­ence report
FP xChange Expe­ri­ence report



NDC Oslo Cory House – Career reboot for the devel­op­er mind
NDC Oslo Luke Wrob­lews­ki – It’s a write/read web