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Production-Ready Serverless

Join 20+ AWS Heroes & Community Builders and 1000+ other students in levelling up your serverless game. We guarantee to fast-track you to a point where you have the confidence and ability to make the right architectural choices for your serverless application by the end of this workshop.

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Testing Serverless Architectures

Testing serverless architectures doesn't have to be hard. Learn the smart and efficient way to test different types of serverless architectures, including REST APIs, AppSync APIs, Step Functions workflows as well as event-driven architectures featuring EventBridge and AWS Lambda functions.

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AppSync Masterclass

Learn modern full-stack development by building a Twitter clone from scratch, using modern technologies such as GraphQL, AppSync, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Vue.js and Tailwind CSS. Enjoy over 200 lessons and 35 hours worth of content that has inspired many real-world applications!

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