How to include Serverless Repository apps in serverless.yml

Over the past year, the Serverless Application Repository (SAR) service has improved a lot. I have grown to enjoy it more and more, and have contributed a few applications myself: lambda-janitor: cron job to delete old, unused versions of all Lambda functions in the region to free up storage space. auto-subscribe-log-group-to-arn: subscribes new and existing …

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CloudFormation protip: use !Sub instead of !Join

Update 12/05/2019: as Moshe pointed out in the comments, Fn::Sub is not supported by the Serverless framework because it too uses the ${} syntax to support its own variables system. However, as is often the case with the Serverless framework, you can work around this issue with a plugin. Check out the serverless-cloudformation-sub-variables plugin which …

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Weekly update 25

Hi, welcome to another weekly update. We welcome Thundra back as our sponsor for May! It is my pleasure to welcome Thundra back as the sponsor for this month. Here’s a message from Thundra, who is also giving away copies of my video course Production-Ready Serverless! Serverless architectures are usually implemented on event-driven distributed functions. Monitoring …

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Using CloudWatch and Lambda to implement ad-hoc scheduling

A while back I wrote about using DynamoDB TTL to implement ad-hoc scheduling. It generated some healthy debate and a few of you have mentioned alternatives including using Step Functions. So let’s take a look at some of these alternatives, starting with the simplest – using a cron job. We will assess this approach using the …

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Introducing… CloudFormation extrinsic functions ;-)

Ok, ok, AWS hasn’t announced a whole new class of intrinsic functions for you to use in CloudFormation. But if you’re using the Serverless framework then I have a treat for you :-) I created a plugin for the Serverless framework that lets you use a number of custom Fn:: functions in your serverless.yml. The …

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New course on AWS Step Functions!

It’s been a while coming, but I’m excited to announce that my new course – Complete guide to AWS Step Functions – is now live! You can browse the curriculum and purchase the course here. The first two chapters are free to everyone. The course is approximately 2 hours in length and covers everything you need …

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Weekly update 24

Hi, welcome to another weekly update! New posts Observability without breaking the bank. In this post, I took a look at Thundra’s new sampling feature and how they can help prevent observability costs from spiralling out of control. Besides the rudimentary sampling methods such as by count and time interval, they also support more intelligent …

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Comparing Nuclio and AWS Lambda

With serverless, you delegate the responsibility of running your infrastructure to a platform provider as much as possible. This frees your engineers to focus on building what your customers want from you—the features that differentiate your business from your competitors’. For this philosophy to work, however, the platform needs to not only give you the …

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Just how expensive is the full AWS SDK?

If you’re not familiar with how cold start works within the context of AWS Lambda, then read this post first. update 24/03/2019: the tests include WebPack as well. When a Node.js Lambda function cold starts, a number of things happen: the Lambda service has to find a server with enough capacity to host the new …

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