You need to sample debug logs in production

It’s com­mon prac­tice to set log lev­el to WARNING for pro­duc­tion due to traf­fic vol­ume. This is because we have to con­sid­er var­i­ous cost fac­tors: cost of log­ging : Cloud­Watch Logs charges $0.50 per GB ingest­ed. In my expe­ri­ence, this is often much high­er than the Lamb­da invo­ca­tion costs cost of stor­age : Cloud­Watch Logs charges $0.03 …

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Serverless observability, what can you use out of the box?

part 1 : new chal­lenges to observ­abil­i­ty part 2 : 1st par­ty observ­abil­i­ty tools from AWS <- you are here part 3 : 3rd par­ty observ­abil­i­ty tools part 4: the future of Server­less observ­abil­i­ty In part 1 we talked about the chal­lenges server­less brings to the table. In this post, let’s look at 1st par­ty tools from AWS …

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how to do fan-out and fan-in with AWS Lambda

In the last post, we look at how you can imple­ment pub-sub with AWS Lamb­da. We com­pared sev­er­al event sources you can use, SNS, Kine­sis streams and DynamoDB streams, and the trade­offs avail­able to you. Let’s look at anoth­er mes­sag­ing pat­tern today, push-pull, which is often referred to as fan-out­/­fan-in. It’s real­ly two sep­a­rate pat­terns …

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My top picks from JeffConf Hamburg 2018

All the videos from Jef­f­Conf Ham­burg is now avail­able on YouTube. You can also find slides and sketch­notes from the agen­da page on their web­site. There were a lot of good talks to pick from, but here are my top 3. Simon Ward­ley : Why the Fuss about Server­less? (slides) Admit­ted­ly I have seen var­i­ous …

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Weekly update 01

I’m start­ing a new job at DAZN next week, excit­ing times! I’m look­ing for­ward to work­ing in a very dif­fer­ent domain, after many won­der­ful years in the games indus­try. Also, I’ll be look­ing for tal­ent­ed engi­neers to join my team. If you’re inter­est­ed, then take a look at the job spec to get a sense of what the …

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What is the best event source for doing pub-sub with AWS Lambda?

AWS offers a wealth of options for imple­ment­ing mes­sag­ing pat­terns such as pub-sub with Lamb­da, let’s com­pare and con­trast some of these options. The pub-sub pat­tern Pub­lish-Sub­scribe (often short­ened to pub-sub) is a mes­sag­ing pat­tern where pub­lish­ers and sub­scribers are decou­pled through an inter­me­di­ary bro­ker (ZeroMQ, Rab­bit­MQ, SNS, etc.). SNS + Lamb­da In the AWS ecosys­tem, the obvi­ous …

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here are my top tips on technical writing after 8 years and 700 posts

Since Dec 26th 2009, I have writ­ten reg­u­lar­ly on this blog on a vari­ety of tech­ni­cal top­ics. Suf­fice to say that I have had a lot of prac­tice of tech­ni­cal writ­ing! I love learn­ing, and I love shar­ing. What I learn I like to share through writ­ing, as it also helps me solid­i­fy my under­stand­ing too. …

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7 things I learnt from one of the best startups you’ll find

Today is my last day at Space Ape Games, and it’s been a won­der­ful year. I learnt a lot in my time here, and worked on some chal­leng­ing tech­ni­cal prob­lems. At the same time, I’m look­ing for­ward to start­ing a new adven­ture at DAZN and help them become the Net­flix of Sports! I will be …

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