DataContract Serialization by Reference using the IsReference Property

I came across this blog post the oth­er day which intro­duced to me a cool addi­tion to the Dat­a­Con­tract seri­al­iz­er — the abil­i­ty to gen­er­ate XML by ref­er­ence rather than by val­ue: Not much for me to add to it real­ly, just read the blog to see how it works.

Dealing with Circular References in WCF

Using enti­ty class­es in your appli­ca­tion and WCF is com­plain­ing about the cir­cu­lar ref­er­ences between your class­es? Well, I had the exact same prob­lem not long ago, and I found this post on James Kovac’s blog about cir­cu­lar ref­er­ences and how to get around them: The key things to note from this post is …

Deal­ing with Cir­cu­lar Ref­er­ences in WCFRead More »

The C# Dispose Pattern

The Dis­pose pat­tern is some­thing we’ve all seen before, and it’s so tried and test­ed most of us (espe­cial­ly myself!) have been more than hap­py to apply with­out ques­tion. Whilst read­ing var­i­ous blogs/articles I came across some dif­fer­ing opin­ion about this well known pat­tern and start­ed to ques­tion what I had tak­en for grant­ed myself. …

The C# Dis­pose Pat­ternRead More »

Memory leak in ADO.NET DataSet

Over the last cou­ple of years, there have been many discussions/debates on DataSet vs Col­lec­tions, and there was a very good arti­cle in MSDN mag­a­zine on just that: To add to the Dark Sides of DataSet, there is a lit­tle known feature/bug/annoyance in the DataTable.Select() method — every time you call the Select() method …

Mem­o­ry leak in ADO.NET DataSetRead More »

Under the cover of i4o

I did some per­for­mance opti­miza­tion work a lit­tle while back, and one of the changes which yield­ed a sig­nif­i­cant result was when I migrat­ed some serv­er side com­po­nents (which are CPU inten­sive and per­forms a large num­ber of loops) from using ADO.NET DataSets to using POCOs (plain old CLR object). The loop­ing was then done …

Under the cov­er of i4oRead More »

Aspect Oriented Programming in .Net using PostSharp

I saw this arti­cle on D. Patrick Caldwell’s blog a lit­tle while back: It was this arti­cle that got me inter­est­ed in Post­Sharp and the pos­si­bil­i­ties that it can bring. Post­Sharp, in short, is a light­weight frame­work which intro­duces some Aspect-Ori­en­t­ed Pro­gram­ming into .Net. Some of the com­mon usages I have seen include trac­ing …

Aspect Ori­ent­ed Pro­gram­ming in .Net using Post­SharpRead More »


Wel­come to my blog! It’s Xmas and with so much time on my hands, I thought this might be as good a time to start a blog as any! What am I gonna blog? Well, imag­ine this, you’re going through your favorite blogs/websites and you read some­thing cool, but when it comes to a time …

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