Production-Ready Serverless


You will learn best practices for building production-ready serverless applications in this hands-on workshop.

By the end of the workshop, you should have a clear idea when serverless is a good fit for your system and common pitfalls to avoid.

It’s really easy to get started with serverless and to ship something to AWS. And there is plenty of content out there that help you do just that. But many people struggle with going beyond that and understand the long-term implications of their architectural decisions. Even if you’re already running serverless applications in production, are you still struggle with common challenges such as:

  • How do I run my Lambda functions locally?
  • How do I test them?
  • What’s the best way to secure my CI/CD pipeline and not leave administrator roles around?
  • How do I monitor my application and debug problems quickly when they arise in production (when I’ll be under immense time pressure)?

You are not alone in struggling to answer these questions.

Because the reality is, serverless is a very different paradigm to how we’re used to building systems.

What has got us here won’t help us get to where we want to be in the world of serverless. We need to understand how the platform really works, and how to choose between the different services AWS has to offer.

And there’s no better way to learn than to get your hands dirty and build something yourself. In this workshop, you will follow along with my instructions and build a web application step-by-step. Along the way you will learn how to:

  • implement server-side rendering
  • authenticate users with Cognito
  • securing internal APIs
  • testing strategies for serverless
  • CI/CD best practices
  • manage application configurations
  • security best practices
  • logging best practices
  • monitoring & alerting best practices
  • implement distributed tracing and capture correlation IDs

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Public workshop

This workshop is available in both in-person and online format.

Amsterdam, July 7th-8th

Early bird tickets until 1st May

Helsinki, August 20th-21st

Early bird tickets until 30th June

London, September 24th-25th

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Berlin, October 8th-9th

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Your Company

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Online, Sep 1st-28th

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Justification letter

Trying to convince your manager to let you attend the workshop? I’ve created a customizable email template that you can use to prove the value of your trip.

Dear [your manager’s name],

I’d like your permission to attend this 2-day serverless workshop by Yan Cui, who is an AWS Serverless Hero and has several years of experience of actually running serverless applications in production with AWS Lambda at scale.

[insert URL of the workshop you want to attend]

The workshop is happening on [insert workshop date] in [insert workshop city]. Attending this workshop will be beneficial to both my personal growth and our company’s cloud knowledge in the following areas:

  • Boost proficiency in AWS’s serverless offerings, like AWS Lambda, API Gateway, Cognito and EventBridge.
  • Learn about the latest features of AWS Lambda such as Provisioned Concurrency and Lambda Destinations and when to use them.
  • Get educated on architectural and operational best practices on topics such as CI/CD, security, testing, logging and monitoring.
  • Gain valuable hands-on experience which I can bring back to my team and apply right away.

Here’s an estimated breakdown of costs:

Domestic flight:  [insert estimated flight cost]

Hotel (2 nights):  [insert estimated hotel cost]

Admission:  [insert ticket price for the workshop you want to attend]

Total:  [insert total]

Hope to hear from you soon and many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Book in-house training

You can also book me to run this workshop as in-house training in your company. There are many benefits to this:

  • Workshop tickets are cheaper per person.
  • We can be more flexible on the dates. I will do my best to accommodate your schedule.
  • I will travel to your office, which saves you the flight and accommodation cost for sending employees to the workshop. Not to mention the time and hassle of travelling too!
  • During the 2 days, we can discuss topics that are specific to your company and project(s).
  • We can tailor the curriculum of the workshop (within reasons) to make it even more valuable for you.

Sounds interesting? Let’s schedule a call to talk about how we can make this the best training experience for you and your teams.

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