About Me

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Yan Cui

Functional Programmer, Cloud Architect, Learner, Speaker.

I currently work as a Server Architect Developer at Yubl and previously worked as Principal Engineer at JUST EAT and Lead Developer at GameSys.

Since 2010 I have worked extensively with AWS and utilised its many services to achieve the level of scalability we require to support the rapid growth of GameSys’s fleet of social games. By the time I left GameSys in 2015, we had around 1 million Daily Active Users (DAU) for our social games and our backend systems comfortably handled around 250 million requests per day.

Day-to-day I have worked primarily in a mixture of C# and F#, but have also built some components in Erlang. I am a passionate coder and take great pride in writing clean, well structured code.

Outside of my work, I enjoy spending time researching and learning other technologies. I have spent time with a number of programming languages and paradigms and found the experience liberating and mind expanding.

I’m a regular speaker at user groups and conferences, and have spoken at conferences around the world including NDC, QCon, CodeMotion, Code Mash, Code Mesh, OSCON and Build Stuff.