F# – Retry workflow

After reading this old post by Don Syme, I really liked the idea of wrapping the result of any computation into an option type to signify success and failure cases and stop subsequent computations on the first failure. It’s neat but I wanted to tweak a couple of things to make it more useful:

  • exceptional cases are not handled right now
  • being able to retry on exceptions will be very useful
  • being able to dictate how many retries are made will be useful too

with those three points in mind, here’s the code I ended up with:


And some quick tests:


Let me know what you think and if there’s anything else I can tweak to make this more useful!

  • Fu Yunge

    It’s really useful! Just hard to copy…nevermind

  • http://imaginarydevelopment.blogspot.com Brandon D’Imperio

    I made a gist of this https://gist.github.com/ImaginaryDevelopment/244f4c963cf3f9e5880dc25346933069
    about to make what I consider to be some improvements, but I wanted to get the raw essence of your work running before moving forward. I’m not familiar with computation expressions, but what you’ve done here looks remarkably easy to follow compared to the other attempts I’ve seen at a concrete example.