JSON serializers benchmarks updated

Kevin Mon­trose’s Jil JSON seri­al­izer has now been added to the JSON bench­mark tests and the results are really impressive.




Kevin has also listed the tricks that he has employed to make Jil fast on the project page, which is well worth a read.

  • Chris

    Just to be clear, the Protobuf-net is not actu­ally serialising/deserialising JSON… right?

  • the­burn­ing­monk

    @Chris — that’s right, it’s just there as a bench­mark as it’s one of the fastest seri­al­iz­ers around and as a reminder that where human read­abil­ity is not impor­tant the BSON seri­al­iz­ers have a long way to go to catch pro­to­col buffer both in per­for­mance and in pay­load size.

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