Go faster for less with Serverless

Are you struggling to adopt serverless?

You have heard all about serverless and how great it is, but now that you’re actually doing it you realise there are so much you are not sure about. A lot of what you’re used to doing no longer work in the serverless world. How do you debug and test your application locally? How do you monitor it and set up alerting for when things go wrong? What are the best practices that you should be following?

You’ve tried to educate yourself and read all the articles. But things are moving so damn fast! The AWS ecosystem and the best practices around them are evolving on a daily basis. How do you keep up and make sure you’re not following out-dated advice that doesn’t take into account new service features and tools that are now available.

Imagine knowing exactly what to do next

Imagine all that uncertainty that has been nagging at you at every decision, gone, just like that. Imagine finally having the confidence to act decisively and know that there isn’t a gaping hole in your architecture that’s gonna come back and haunt you later. Imagine working smarter, and not harder, and getting more done for less time, effort and money.

Speak with a seasoned software engineer and architect

Often all it takes to get unstuck is to talk to the right person at the right time. A few timely advice can go a long way and save you weeks of research and development work. I have learnt the lessons and made the mistakes so you don’t have to.

Book a 60 minutes consulting call with me now. Why?

  • I have been built and run production systems on AWS, at scale, for more than 10 years.
  • I have been working with serverless technologies in production since 2015.
  • I’m very adept at adapting to different contexts and constraints and can draw from my experience working in a variety of industries and settings – from enterprise to startups; from investment banking to e-commerce to social networks and mobile gaming. 
  • I have written over 150 articles on serverless and was one of the first to be recognized by AWS as a serverless hero.
  • My advice is trusted by clients around the world, including household names such as Toyota, DAZN, TacoBell and the DVLA.
Yan is very easy to work with and extremely knowledgable about AWS and its services based on his hands-on experience.  He was able to quickly understand our requirements and give us good suggestions or options about what to do. I would gladly work with him again.
Dan Pudwell
Technology Director at Grid Smarter Cities

here's how it works

You book a 60-minute consulting call with me. It will take place over Zoom. You share your biggest challenges and most urgent questions with me. I will lay out your options and give you actionable suggestions on what to do.

Typical areas of interest include:

  • Review your architecture to make sure you’re following best practices and have considered edge cases.
  • Review your approach to CI/CD and security.
  • Review your operational readiness for running your application in production – e.g. are you collecting the right metrics and have the right alerts in place.
  • Review your workload and if you have chosen the right AWS service and tools to work with.
  • How to create a cost model to understand how your AWS cost will grow with your business.
We were really very lucky to have Yan come in and help us adopt serverless successfully. His approach of listening and really understanding our problems, and coming up with well thought out architectures, was just what we needed. I highly recommend hiring Yan, you won’t regret it!
Eric Allam
Principal Engineer at SolveHQ

I will give you unbiased, no-nonsense advice that you can put into action right away. Everything I tell you is based on real-world experience harnessed through more than a decade of working with AWS. Even if I don’t know the answer, I will make sure that you are connected to the right person in AWS so you get the help you need.

You are welcome to record the conversations for future reference. Once you submit your payment, you will receive a link to schedule a 60-minute appointment in my calendar.

PLUS: One full year of access to my private Slack group.

In addition to our call, you will receive a full year of 24/7 access to my private Slack group.

Yan's time was easily the best investment I've made in tech. He instantly understood our complex requirements and provided creative and very practical solutions that we implemented the same day. His input enabled us to scale our tech from 10 to 100 clients with one day of dev time. Yan's expertise in AWS-powered Serverless infrastructure is world-class. Very highly recommended.
Iman Fadaei
Founder at Whitelance

100% money-back guarantee!

I’m so sure that I can provide at least one piece of high-value advice that I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If at the end of our call you feel you have not gotten your money’s worth, just let me know and I’ll refund your payment in full.

But don't take my word for it...

Here’s what others have to say about my services.

Yan is one of the rare people who can speak the language of business and of devs, while presenting solutions that are spot on. Bring him on, it’s just common sense.
David Wilts
Managing Principal at Digital Masterplanning
Yan always puts the business needs first, delivering lean & flexible solutions at great speed. He is an enthusiastic and motivated mentor, architect, and pairing partner, exhibiting thoughtfulness and patience when explaining a subject. Fundamentally, Yan has improved our team by increasing our ability to derive value from AWS and Lambda in particular.
Nick Blair
Tech Lead at TotallyMoney
We’ve been working with Yan for the past 6 months and we can’t recommend him enough. Yan brings strategic value to our business with ongoing architectural reviews of our migration to Serverless. Yan’s flexibility makes it a breeze working with him in different ways on a per case basis, e.g. architecture reviews, remote pairing, developing experiments offline.
Wagner Camarao
Head of Engineering at Indebted
Yan was extremely knowledgeable and personable. He was able to answer difficult questions with ease, and has helped steer us in the right direction going forward with AWS.
Daniel Mackenzie
Software Engineer at CEF
If you want to learn Serverless and AWS, you can not find a better person than Yan. His workshop is full of practical, actionable advice. This is one of the best investments you can make for your Serverless journey.
Bala Chalasani
Founder at Cloud Architectures

Still have questions?

What happens after I pay?

Once you submit the payment, you will receive a link to schedule the 60-minutes appointment in my calendar.


Are there other costs besides the call?

No, nothing significant. I might suggest you buy a book or sign up for a service, but that’s about it.


Will you sign an NDA before we speak?

No. For an engagement as small as this, it makes little financial sense to get lawyers involved.


Serverless is easy, we don’t need any help!

Everyone needs help. Even I ask for outside help from time-to-time. AWS is such a broad ecosystem it’s just not possible for one person to know it all. As someone who’s solely focused on the serverless space and is working closely with both AWS and third-party vendors, I’m in a much stronger position to offer you the most timely advice based on the latest developments in the platform and the wider ecosystem.


Your service is expensive, we can’t afford it right now

On paper, I can totally understand that. But consider the cost of your engineering team going down the wrong path, and then having to backtrack in 3 months time. Many of my clients came to me late on in the project, only to discover significant issues in their architecture because they lacked the necessary knowledge early on. Not only did they waste months of development work, but they now have to spend even more development time to undo their previous work and re-architect. Project launches are delayed, reputations are damaged, and the financial costs are significant.

In every single case, the damage was completely avoidable if they had asked for help when they needed it. Better guidance and direction early on would have steered them onto the right path. The lost productivity from the development team alone would have paid for my services 10 times over.


I still have questions!

No Problem! Please shoot me an email at theburningmonk@hey.com.

Who are you anyway?

Hi, I’m Yan Cui and I have run production workloads at scale in AWS since 2009 and have a track record of improving businesses with technology.

For instance, I lead a small team that transformed a social network to run almost entirely on serverless in 6 months. We addressed the technical debt we inherited and added lots of new features along the way. We went from 4-6 production releases a month to averaging 80 a month. Feature delivery time went from months to days, and sometimes even hours.

Along the way, the system also became more scalable, have fewer issues and was over 90% cheaper to run.

Before transitioning to consulting, I have worked as a principal engineer or architect within a variety of industries ranging from banking, e-commerce, social networks to mobile gaming. I have worked in both start-up environments as well as large enterprises and can adapt my approach based on the client’s constraints and context.


I’m also a prolific writer, trainer, speaker, and regular contributor to many open-source projects. My articles on AWS and serverless have been read millions of times and have helped hundreds of thousands of developers on their serverless journey. For my contributions towards the AWS community, AWS has recognised me as an AWS Serverless Hero since 2018.

In working with me, you’re not only partnering with one of the most respected and independent voices in the serverless space, but also someone who gives a damn about your success because his success depends on it!

I consider my greatest strength to be my ability to quickly adapt to my client’s needs and constraints and offer pragmatic solutions to their problems. I will always advocate for positive business outcome over following rules. And above all else, I will shoot from the hip and tell you how it is, and that’s the value of me being independent.

This is your last chance

You’re running out of web page! Don’t waste precious engineering time and energy going down the wrong path. Book your 60 minutes consulting call now and get help from one of the most respected engineers in the serverless space.

100% Money-Back Guarantee: If at the end of the call you feel that you have not gotten your money’s worth, let me know and I’ll refund your payment in full.

Availability is limited

I’m only available for a few consulting calls per month. Scheduling is first-come, first-served so the sooner you book your call, the sooner you can take your serverless game to the next level and start doing more with less time and effort.


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