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I have a hyper-focused audience who are interested in AWS and Serverless. That is ALL I do, and that is what my audience cares about.

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  • A serverless-focused podcast started in Feb 2020.
  • 86 episodes and counting.
  • Averaging 30-45 mins per episode.
  • Available on most Podcast platforms + YouTube.

Featuring thought-leaders in the AWS & serverless space.


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  • 4000 subscribers and growing.
  • +1000 subscribers in the past 60 days.
  • 100 videos and counting.
  • Weekly videos about AWS, serverless & AI.
  • Over 900 articles in total. Including 150 on AWS & serverless.
  • Over 3M visitors and 5M page views since 2010.
  • Weekly blog post & newsletter issue.


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