Do you find you have amazing product ideas but nothing is moving?

Are you worried that competitors are out-innovating you?

Are you struggling in your transition to serverless? Or maybe you don’t know if you’re doing it right, or how to do it better?

Don’t worry, I’m here to help :-)



For CXOs: strategic directions and market trends.

For teams: architecture reviews and best practices on CI/CD, security, scalability, performance and cost.

For everyone: unbiased, no-BS advice from one of the most respected engineers in the serverless space.


Go from zero to knowing how to build production-ready serverless applications in 2 days with my hands-on workshop.

A detailed curriculum is available here.


Working and pairing with you to achieve your desired business outcome.

Maybe you want to improve feature velocity or make your system more robust and scalable.

Or maybe you want to cut down on your AWS bill or build a proof-of-concept using a new AWS service.


Start on the right foot

Why fix problems later when you can get it right the first time?

    Engagement: 2 weeks
  • Engage for a continuous block of 2 weeks.
  • Identify systems that are a good fit for serverless.
  • Run a hands-on workshop to get teams up to speed on best practices and common architecture patterns.
  • Pair with a team to implement a POC or migrate their first service to set a good example for other teams to follow.
  • Pair with the teams to build out templates and tooling as necessary.


Ask for help when you need it.

     Engagement: 5 or 10 days in total
  • Reserve a number of days upfront and use them as you see fit.
  • Adhoc consultation and architecture reviews.
  • On-site or remote pairing to accelerate implementation and troubleshooting.



I have run production workloads at scale in AWS since 2009 and have a track record of improving businesses with technology. For instance, I lead a small team that transformed a social network to run almost entirely on serverless in 6 months. We addressed the technical debt we inherited and added lots of new features along the way. We went from 4-6 production releases a month to averaging 80 a month. Feature delivery was reduced from months to days, and sometimes even hours. Along the way, the system also became more scalable, resilient and over 90% cheaper to run.

Before transitioning to consulting, I have worked as a principal engineer or architect within a variety of industries ranging from banking, e-commerce, social networks to mobile gaming. I’m also a prolific writer, trainer, speaker, and regular contributor to many open-source projects. For my contributions towards the AWS community, AWS has recognised me as an AWS Serverless Hero since 2018.


Tell me about your project and let’s explore the possibilities.


Web and Mobile apps

Serverless technologies such as AWS Lambda, API Gateway and AppSync can dramatically reduce the complexity and cost of running modern web and mobile applications. These services can all scale automatically based on demand and support many thousands of transactions per second. They are all designed with resilience in mind as your application is deployed to multiple data centres by default, at no extra cost to you. And best of all, you don’t have to pay for when there is no traffic!

Analytics/Data processing pipelines

Building a scalable and resilient web application is still not enough. You need to understand user behaviour and use that knowledge to improve the quality of the product itself. Serverless technologies can help you here as well! With serverless technologies such as AWS Lambda, Kinesis, S3 and Athena, you can easily build a pipeline that captures and analyses exabytes of custom data. As with the web apps, the system scales automatically and is resilient out-of-the-box, and you only pay for what you use.

Internet of Things (IOT)

AWS offers a range of IoT services, and at the heart of it all is IoT Core. IoT Core allows you to connect IoT devices with your backend services using MQTT, WebSockets, or HTTP. iRobot is perhaps the best known user of these services, and the following quote by Ben Kehoe perfectly summarises why serverless is such a big hit with companies in this space.

Many of the companies in the IoT space are startups operating with a small team and constrained by tight budgets. Serverless technologies like Lambda and IoT Core are a natural fit because it allows small teams to focus on feature delivery as opposed to wasting time on infrastructure. The pay-per-use pricing model also allows them to grow their operational costs linearly and not worry about big up-front costs.


Many common chores and cron jobs can be implemented using serverless technologies such as AWS Lambda and CloudWatch Events. When used with CloudTrail or AWS Config, you can respond to state and configuration changes in your AWS environment using Lambda functions.