.Net Tips — tools to help you find a new Guid string

Ever need­ed to get your hands on a new Guid with­out hav­ing to start up a new project and all of that? Well, there are two easy ways to go about it:

1. use Lin­q­Pad

Lin­q­Pad is a FREE code snip­pet edi­tor for C#, devel­oped by Joe Alba­hari (one of the authors of the C# in a Nut­shell books), and can be installed or run as a stand­alone exe­cutable. You can eas­i­ly write a few lines of code like this and just grab the new Guid from the out­put win­dow:

var newGuid = Guid.NewGuid();

2. use Visu­al Studio’s build-in tool

There’s a lit­tle build-in tool in Visu­al Stu­dio which you can use to cre­ate a new Guid, go to Tools -> Cre­ate GUID.

In the new win­dow, just copy your new 32 dig­it Guid from the Result box, and if you don’t like it for what­ev­er, you have the option to cre­ate anoth­er one by click­ing the ‘New GUID’ but­ton.