Disabling RACAgent in Windows Server 2008

Since migrat­ing to Win­dows Serv­er 2008 Dat­a­cen­ter for our Ama­zon EC2 instances I have noticed on many occa­sions that when a new instance is start­ing up RAC agent will cause the CPU to spike up to 100% for a good half an hour, at times the CPU spike nev­er comes down and effec­tive­ly ren­ders the instance unus­able..

After some dig­ging around, I found this arti­cle which tells you how to dis­able the RAC agent:



In case the link stops work­ing in the future, here’s the 4 steps you need to do:

1. go to Con­trol Pan­el –> Admin­is­tra­tive Tools –> Com­put­er Man­age­ment

2. nav­i­gate to Sys­tem Tools –> Task Sched­uler –> Task Sched­uler Library –> Microsoft –> Win­dows –> RAC

3. right click RAC, select View –> Show Hid­den Tasks

4. right click on the dis­played task, and select Dis­able