Some useful Javascript related links


wtfjs – all the WTF lan­guage fea­tures asso­ci­at­ed with javascript!

Guide to OO basics of javascript


Node.js – home for Node.js

npm – a repos­i­to­ry for Node.js mod­ules

express – web serv­er frame­work for Node.js

drop­box-node – node.js client for work­ing with the Drop­box API

hum­ming­bird – real-time (20 updates per sec­ond) web­site traf­fic mon­i­tor­ing tool built on top of Node.js

vows – behav­iour dri­ve devel­op­ment frame­work for Node.js

node-mysql – pure Node.js javascript client imple­ment­ing the MySql pro­to­col

node-mon­godb – a Node.js dri­ve for Mon­goDB

node.js Knock­Out – Node.js com­pe­ti­tion, good place to see some exam­ples of what you can achieve with Node.js

Node­Js­Cloud – Node.js cloud host­ing plat­form (com­ing soon)

Joyent – Node.js host­ing plat­form (lim­it­ed pub­lic beta)

Heroku – Node.js host­ing plat­form

Node EC2 – Node.js bind­ing for the Ama­zon Query API

Zombie.js – test­ing frame­work for client-side javascript using Node.js


NoSQL Database





jQuery – needs no intro­duc­tion..

MooTools – com­pact, mod­u­lar, OO javascript frame­work

Sen­cha – devel­op­ment frame­work

Sprout­Core – HTML5 based devel­op­ment frame­work for web apps

Sam­my – Javascript frame­work built on top of jQuery

Cof­fee­Script – lan­guage that com­bines fea­tures from python and ruby and com­piles into javascript

Cake – sim­pli­fied ver­sion of Make for Cof­fee­Script