Slides and Source Code for my webinar with PostSharp

Fol­low­ing my recent webi­nar with SharpCrafters on how to set­up pseu­do real-time per­for­mance mon­i­tor­ing using Aspect Ori­ent­ed Pro­gram­ming and Ama­zon Cloud­Watch, I’d like to say thanks to the guys for hav­ing me, it was a great fun Smile

For any­one inter­est­ed, the source code is avail­able at:

If you want to run the demo con­sole app to gen­er­ate some data, you need to put your AWS key and secret in the App.config file in the Demo.ConsoleApp project:


Just go to and cre­ate an account, you’ll then be giv­en an access key and secret to use.

The slides for the ses­sion is also avail­able to down­load on SlideShare: