Weekly update 19

Hi, welcome to another weekly update.

New posts

AWS Lambda and Secret Management. In this post I gave a lowdown on SSM Parameter Store, AWS Secrets Manager and HashiCorp Vault. We discussed when, why and how to choose between them and several approaches to loading secrets into your functions.


Real World DevOps. I spoke with Mike Julian on a range of topics including serverless vs FaaS, common pitfalls in serverless and why businesses should consider adopting serverless.

Think FaaS. I spoke with Forrest Brazeal on running serverless in production, my course with Manning and some of the mistakes I see people make when adopting serverless.


I was at ServerlessDays Hamburg this week and delivered the opening keynote. In this talk we debunked some common myths and misunderstandings about serverless – cold starts, cost, control vs responsibility and vendor lock-in. The slides are available on slideshare.

And here’s some summaries of my talk, courtesy of @clairikine and @berndruecker!

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Yan Cui

I’m an AWS Serverless Hero and the author of Production-Ready Serverless. I have run production workload at scale in AWS for nearly 10 years and I have been an architect or principal engineer with a variety of industries ranging from banking, e-commerce, sports streaming to mobile gaming. I currently work as an independent consultant focused on AWS and serverless.

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