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Production-Ready Serverless

Get the most comprehensive training out there for building and running serverless apps in the real world. We cover everything - project setup, testing, CI/CD, and making sure your app is smooth and secure in production.

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Testing Serverless Architectures

Dive deep into the realm of serverless testing. Explore the unique challenges and pitfalls in testing various serverless setups, from APIs to complex Event-Driven Architectures. It's a must for anyone serious about serverless.

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AppSync Masterclass

Jump into the world of modern fullstack development as we build a Twitter clone from scratch. You'll master GraphQL, AppSync, Lambda, DynamoDB, Vue.js, and Tailwind in a fun and practical journey into app development!

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DynamoDB Book

Master DynamoDB's data modeling with this definitive guide, perfect for understanding and leveraging DynamoDB's full potential.

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AWS Fundamentals

Immerse yourself in AWS and learn the fundamentals of the most common and essential AWS services for building real-world applications.

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Practical IAM Guide

This is a concise and comprehensive book that helps you master AWS IAM, one of the most important and fundamental AWS services.

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