QCon London 2015–Takeaways from “The Bad Idea Terminator”

It’s very unchar­ac­ter­is­tic of me, but I went to a ses­sion on the prod­uct man­age­ment track at QCon Lon­don – Melis­sa Per­ris’ “The Bad Idea Ter­mi­na­tor”. Hav­ing gone in the room with the expec­ta­tion of com­ing out not much wis­er, I was pleas­ant­ly sur­prised to find myself in one of the best talks at the …

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QCon London 2015–Takeaways from “Scaling Uber’s realtime market platform”

On day three of QCon Lon­don, we were treat­ed to some real­ly insight­ful sto­ries from the likes of Google, Atlas and Spo­ti­fy. And for the first time in a while Uber is talk­ing pub­li­cal­ly about what they’ve been up to.   The chal­lenge for Uber’s plat­form is that both sup­ply (Uber dri­vers) and demand (rid­ers) …

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QCon London 2015–Takeaways from “Service Architectures at Scale, Lessons from Google and eBay”

Day three of QCon Lon­don was a treat, with full day tracks on archi­tec­ture and microser­vices, it pre­sent­ed some nice chal­lenges of what to see dur­ing the day. My favourite talk of the day was Randy Shoup’s Ser­vice Archi­tec­tures at Scale, Lessons from Google and eBay.   Randy kicked off the ses­sion by iden­ti­fy­ing a …

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QCon London 2015–Takeaways from “Small is Beautiful”

From the first day of QCon Lon­don, I real­ly enjoyed Kevlin Henney’s Small is Beau­ti­ful talk. Titled after E.F. Schumacher’s book (below) of the same name, the title itself should give you a pret­ty good idea of what to expect from this talk.   I’m a big fan of Kevlin, and his “Sev­en Inef­fec­tive Cod­ing …

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QCon London 2015–Takeaways from “Code as Crime Scene”

The first day of this year’s QCon Lon­don is over, and it’s been a thor­ough­ly enjoy­able day of talks. Most of the  talks are on soft­er, more philo­soph­i­cal top­ics, which is a nice change of pace from last week’s Lamb­da­Days. One of my favourite talks from today was Adam Tornhill’s Code as Crime Scene and …

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