Introduce raven_dart, a Dart client for Sentry

Since I’ve been exper­i­ment­ing with Sen­try and hack­ing around in Dart again late­ly, so what bet­ter way is there to com­bine these two activ­i­ties than to write a Dart client for Sen­try? That said, there is already a Javascript client library for Sen­try, which via the dart:js library you can prob­a­bly save your­self some code …

Intro­duce raven_dart, a Dart client for Sen­tryRead More »

Announcing libraries for C# and F# to make it easier to integrate with Sentry

Here at Gamesys social team, we’re rethink­ing our cur­rent approach to log­ging in gen­er­al, from both serv­er and client’s per­spec­tive. Hav­ing looked at many dif­fer­ent alter­na­tives (it was a lit­tle hard to imag­ine how crowd­ed a space log aggre­ga­tion and visu­al­iza­tion is..) one of the ser­vices which we have decid­ed to exper­i­ment with is Sen­try. …

Announc­ing libraries for C# and F# to make it eas­i­er to inte­grate with Sen­tryRead More »

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