Value Type Pro Tips

Beware of implicit boxing of value types

In the last post, we looked at some inef­fi­cien­cies with ref­er­ence types in .Net and per­haps over­sold val­ue types a lit­tle  In any case, now that we’ve made the ini­tial sale and you’re back for more, let’s talk about some pit­falls wrt the use of val­ue types you should be aware of. Specif­i­cal­ly let’s focus on cas­es …

Beware of implic­it box­ing of val­ue typesRead More »

Smallest .Net ref type is 12 bytes (or why you should consider using value types)

(Update 2015/07/21 : read the next post in this series to learn about the places where implic­it box­ing hap­pens with val­ue types and how you can pre­vent them)   I chanced upon Sasha Goldshtein’s excel­lent book, Pro .Net Per­for­mance : Opti­mize Your C# Appli­ca­tion, a few years back and I thor­ough­ly enjoyed it. Even though …

Small­est .Net ref type is 12 bytes (or why you should con­sid­er using val­ue types)Read More »

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