Good old days!

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My good friend Raj sent me some pictures he took from Chinese new year 2006, and really brought back some nice memories from the days gone by!

As some of you may know, I performed on stage for Chinese new year in 2006 in Trafalgar Square, in the middle of the freezing cold in Feb! It was definitely one of the best experiences I ever had, the adrenalin rush of performing in front of thousands of people was simply amazing! So, to show you what I’m on about, here’s some pictures ;-)

63_430x330 CNY%20290106%20-%20%2814%29

CNY%20290106%20-%20%2820%29 DSC00032

DSC00033 DSC00036

100_0163030406 (2)

and don’t we all love a poser lol


2 thoughts on “Good old days!”

  1. Wow…you looked very professional! Why don’t you join Jacky Chan’s stunt crew when you bored of IT??!!

    I was there!!! :D And yes, it was freezing!!

  2. I’ll be old and broken by the time I get bored of IT so not much use to Jacky Chan and his crew then lol

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