HornGet — a place to get your OpenSource fix

Whilst lis­ten­ing to the lat­est .Net Rocks! pod­cast, I stum­bled across HornGet, which is a site that pro­vides pre-com­piled bina­ries for well known open source projects such as NHiber­nate, Rhi­noMocks, etc.

I post­ed a while back about the prob­lems I had find­ing a build of NHiber­nate which works with both Flu­entNHiber­nate and Linq2NHibernate, only if I knew about HornGet back then!

There are about 30 odd projects host­ed on there for now, sep­a­rat­ed into a num­ber of cat­e­gories such as ORM, Log­ger, etc.