SuperfunTown Public Beta!

Months of work has finally bore fruit as my second game goes into public beta! Come and join in on the fun, it’s nice here:

Go on! Try it out! Let us know what you think, your feedbacks are much appreciated!

About the Game

SuperFunTown is a city building game where you assume the role of a mayor, entrusted with the task of bringing a rural town into a city buzzing with life! You’ll find all the familiar game mechanics such as zooming, building items, collecting items, and much more!

In SuperFunTown you are given all the freedom to customize and make the town truly your own. You have the options to rotate anything in your see and you can even customize the look of your houses by painting the walls and roofs to match the theme of your town.

And it wouldn’t be a social game if you can’t interact with others, would it? Luckily, there are ample opportunities for you to interact with friends here ;-), you can invite them to live and work in your town; you can go visit their town and help them out by bringing donuts to workers in their shops and factories; you can send and receive nice gifts; hell, you can even kick them out of your houses if you really wanted!!


The welcome screen, where you can change the name of your town and get help on the rules of the game.


You start off with a rural town with a farm house and some fields.


As your town expands and your stature as a mayor grows, you get to build attractions, shops, factories, houses, etc. You can even invite a friend to live and work in your town!


You can zoom right in and see your town in close quarters.


You can stock your shops with goods and stocks which in time will make you a profit, and you even get a bonus if a friend is working in your shop! :-)


You can also visit a friend’s town, and give donuts to the men and women working there, and boost their productivity!


People from far and beyond will love to come and live in your town, and they will arrive in a steady stream on buses, but as your town becomes more advanced, you can upgrade the transport of choice from buses to planes!


There’s a wide range of houses, shops for you to choose from, and more will be available as you level up.


And don’t forget, as a mayor you need to provide social infrastructures for your residents so your town can continue its growth.


And, you can even customize the look of your houses, go on, let the artist in you go wild!


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