Getting started with Rebar on Windows

Whilst the offi­cial rebar doc­u­men­ta­tion only cov­ers usages on Unix, turns out it was real­ly easy to get going on Win­dows too, even with­out resort­ing to installing and using cyg­win.

Here’s some quick steps:

  1. clone the rebar repo
  2. in the root of the repo, run bootstrap.bat (you’ll need Erlang installed for this)
  3. copy the gen­er­at­ed rebar and rebar.cmd files to a fold­er on your PATH, I typ­i­cal­ly have a C:\tools fold­er for mis­cel­la­neous tools like this

From here on, you can resume the Get­ting Start­ed guide to cre­ate your first rebar project.