New releases — DynamoDB.SQL and Darkseid

Hi, just a quick update on two of my libraries aimed at mak­ing AWS eas­i­er to work with from .Net.



DynamoDB.SQL is a SQL-like exter­nal DSL for query­ing & scan­ning data in Ama­zon DynamoDB. Ver­sion 3.0.0 has been released, which moves away from the mono­lith­ic .Net AWSSDK (v2.x.x), and onto the DynamoDB spe­cif­ic pack­age.

You can con­tin­ue to use v2.x pack­ages for DynamoDB.SQL, I’ll apply any bug fix­es to both v2.x and v3.x pack­ages. How­ev­er, any new fea­tures in the future — such as sup­port for the mid-lev­el Table abstrac­tions in the AWSSDK — will be added to v3.x only.

Over the com­ing weeks and months, I’ll con­tin­ue the effort to migrate my fleet of AWS-relat­ed tools and libraries to the ser­vice-spe­cif­ic pack­ages.



Dark­seid is a pro­duc­er library for Ama­zon Kine­sis, it works hand-in-hand with Reac­toKi­ne­six which pro­vides the con­sumer side of the sto­ry.

Cour­tesy of Dustin’s PR, ver­sion 0.3.0 has been released which adds syn­chro­nous meth­ods for push­ing events to Kine­sis (so that ser­vices that aren’t ready to go async all the way can still inte­grate with Kine­sis using Dark­seid).


That’s it, folks, hope you all had a nice week­end. If you haven’t seen Dead­pool yet, you should, it is amaz­ing