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Recording and Slides for F# DSLs talk at F# |> Bristol

Here’s the record­ed live stream of the F# DSLs ses­sion I did at the F# |> Bris­tol user group last night. (apolo­gies for the first few mins where I for­got to share my screen to the Hang­out…) and here’s the slides to go with the talk: Tame cloud com­plex­i­ty with F#-powered DSLs from Yan Cui

Slides for F# DSL talk at LambdaDays

Hi, thanks to every­one who turned up to my talk at Lamb­da­Days this after­noon, here are the slides. Tame cloud com­plex­i­ty with F#-powered DSLs from Yan Cui   You can find the source code for the projects I dis­cussed below: DynamoDB.SQL : source code & nuget pack­age SimpleWorkflow.Extensions : source code & nuget pack­age CloudWatch.Selector : …

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New releases — DynamoDB.SQL and Darkseid

Hi, just a quick update on two of my libraries aimed at mak­ing AWS eas­i­er to work with from .Net.   DynamoDB.SQL DynamoDB.SQL is a SQL-like exter­nal DSL for query­ing & scan­ning data in Ama­zon DynamoDB. Ver­sion 3.0.0 has been released, which moves away from the mono­lith­ic .Net AWSSDK (v2.x.x), and onto the DynamoDB spe­cif­ic pack­age. You can …

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Introducing, DSLs to query against Amazon CloudWatch metrics

If you have done any DevOps work on Ama­zon Web Ser­vices (AWS) then you should be famil­iar with Ama­zon Cloud­Watch, a ser­vice for track­ing and view­ing met­rics (CPU, net­work in/out, etc.) about the var­i­ous AWS ser­vices that you con­sume, or bet­ter still, cus­tom met­rics that you pub­lish about your ser­vice. On top of that, you …

Intro­duc­ing, DSLs to query against Ama­zon Cloud­Watch met­ricsRead More »

DynamoDB.SQL 2.0.0 is out!

Hi every­one, hap­py new year! I was real­ly glad to find a cou­ple of days to work on some of my open source projects and put togeth­er a new ver­sion of DynamoDB.SQL which brings it inline with the lat­est ver­sion of the .Net AWSSDK amongst oth­er things. You can down­load and install it from Nuget …

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DynamoDB.SQL 1.2.1 – now supports Local Secondary Index

A cou­ple of weeks ear­li­er, Ama­zon announced sup­port for Local Sec­ondary Index­es (LSI) for DynamoDB. You can now per­form fast, effi­cient queries against DynamoDB tables using attrib­ut­es that are not part of the exist­ing Hash and Range key mod­el with­out resort­ing to the use of scans. As a result to the new fea­ture the DynamoDB …

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DynamoDB.SQL – version 1.1.0 released

Just a quick note to say that anoth­er minor update to DynamoDB.SQL has been release, you can view the release notes here.   The lat­est update adds sup­port for a TSQL style WITH key­word for spec­i­fy­ing option­al para­me­ters for tweak­ing the query/scan oper­a­tion. For queries, you can spec­i­fy the NoCon­sis­ten­tRead and Page­Size options to use …

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DynamoDB.SQL – version 1.0.7 released

Just a quick note to say that I have made some minor changes to DynamoDb.SQL and released ver­sion 1.0.7 of the library to Nuget, here’s a list of the changes: fixed a bug with LIMIT when there is insuf­fi­cient num­ber of ele­ments using the DynamoD­B­Con­text. added sup­port for count­ing the num­ber of match­ing items with …

DynamoDB.SQL – ver­sion 1.0.7 releasedRead More »

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