DynamoDB.SQL – version 1.1.0 released

Just a quick note to say that anoth­er minor update to DynamoDB.SQL has been release, you can view the release notes here.


The lat­est update adds sup­port for a TSQL style WITH key­word for spec­i­fy­ing option­al para­me­ters for tweak­ing the query/scan oper­a­tion. For queries, you can spec­i­fy the NoCon­sis­ten­tRead and Page­Size options to use even­tu­al­ly con­sis­tent read and throt­tle the num­ber of items returned per request respec­tive­ly. Sim­i­lar­ly for scans, you can use the Page­Size option for throt­tling your scan requests too, but the DynamoDB scans does not sup­port strong con­sis­ten­cy.


Accord­ing to DynamoDB best prac­tices, you should avoid sud­den bursts of read activ­i­ty, using the new Page­Size option you can make sure that your query/scan does not con­sume too many read capac­i­ty unit in a short burst and end up caus­ing more crit­i­cal reads to be throt­tled.


For exam­ple, a query which returns 10 items per request using even­tu­al­ly con­sis­tent read will look some­thing like this:


where­as a scan will look like:


For more details about the full syn­tax, please refer to the Get­ting Start­ed doc­u­ment, which has been updat­ed to include the new WITH key­word.