Centralised logging for AWS Lambda, REVISED (2018)

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for fol­low­ing and read­ing my con­tent. My post on cen­tralised log­ging for AWS Lamb­da has been viewed more than 20K times by now, so it is clear­ly a chal­lenge that many of you have run into. In the post, I out­lined an approach of …

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auto-create CloudWatch Alarms for APIs with Lambda

In a pre­vi­ous post we dis­cussed how to auto-sub­­scribe a Cloud­Watch Log Group to a Lamb­da func­tion using Cloud­Watch Events. So that we don’t need a man­u­al process to ensure all Lamb­da logs would go to our log aggre­ga­tion ser­vice. Whilst this is use­ful in its own right, it only scratch­es the sur­face of what …

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You need to sample debug logs in production

It’s com­mon prac­tice to set log lev­el to WARNING for pro­duc­tion due to traf­fic vol­ume. This is because we have to con­sid­er var­i­ous cost fac­tors: cost of log­ging : Cloud­Watch Logs charges $0.50 per GB ingest­ed. In my expe­ri­ence, this is often much high­er than the Lamb­da invo­ca­tion costs cost of stor­age : Cloud­Watch Logs charges $0.03 …

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Serverless observability, what can you use out of the box?

part 1 : new chal­lenges to observ­abil­i­ty part 2 : 1st par­ty observ­abil­i­ty tools from AWS <- you are here part 3 : 3rd par­ty observ­abil­i­ty tools part 4: the future of Server­less observ­abil­i­ty In part 1 we talked about the chal­lenges server­less brings to the table. In this post, let’s look at 1st par­ty tools from AWS …

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Tips and tricks for logging and monitoring AWS Lambda functions

The com­mon prac­tice of using agents/daemons to buffer and batch send logs and met­rics are no longer applic­a­ble in the world of server­less. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your log­ging and mon­i­tor­ing infra­struc­ture for your func­tions. This is part 2 of a 3-part mini series on man­ag­ing your …

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Centralised logging for AWS Lambda

[update 23/07/2018]: The approach out­lined in this post works well when you start out, but you can run into con­cur­ren­cy relat­ed issues at scale. To see a bet­ter approach when run­ning at scale, please see the revised ver­sion of this post here.   Cloud­Watch Logs is hard­ly the ide­al fit for all your log­ging needs, …

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Recording and Slides for F# DSLs talk at F# |> Bristol

Here’s the record­ed live stream of the F# DSLs ses­sion I did at the F# |> Bris­tol user group last night. (apolo­gies for the first few mins where I for­got to share my screen to the Hang­out…) and here’s the slides to go with the talk: Tame cloud com­plex­i­ty with F#-powered DSLs from Yan Cui

Slides for F# DSL talk at LambdaDays

Hi, thanks to every­one who turned up to my talk at Lamb­da­Days this after­noon, here are the slides. Tame cloud com­plex­i­ty with F#-powered DSLs from Yan Cui   You can find the source code for the projects I dis­cussed below: DynamoDB.SQL : source code & nuget pack­age SimpleWorkflow.Extensions : source code & nuget pack­age CloudWatch.Selector : …

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Metricano – simplifying application monitoring

On appli­ca­tion mon­i­tor­ing In the Gamesys social team, our view on appli­ca­tion mon­i­tor­ing is such that any­thing that runs in pro­duc­tion needs to be mon­i­tored exten­sive­ly all the time – every ser­vice entry point, IO oper­a­tions or CPU inten­sive tasks. Sure, it comes at the cost of a few CPU cycles which might mean that …

Met­ri­cano – sim­pli­fy­ing appli­ca­tion mon­i­tor­ingRead More »

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