Slides for F# DSL talk at LambdaDays

Hi, thanks to everyone who turned up to my talk at LambdaDays this afternoon, here are the slides. Tame cloud complexity with F#-powered DSLs from Yan Cui   You can find the source code for the projects I discussed below: DynamoDB.SQL : source code & nuget package SimpleWorkflow.Extensions : source code & nuget package CloudWatch.Selector : …

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Metricano – simplifying application monitoring

On application monitoring In the Gamesys social team, our view on application monitoring is such that anything that runs in production needs to be monitored extensively all the time – every service entry point, IO operations or CPU intensive tasks. Sure, it comes at the cost of a few CPU cycles which might mean that …

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Introducing, DSLs to query against Amazon CloudWatch metrics

If you have done any DevOps work on Amazon Web Services (AWS) then you should be familiar with Amazon CloudWatch, a service for tracking and viewing metrics (CPU, network in/out, etc.) about the various AWS services that you consume, or better still, custom metrics that you publish about your service. On top of that, you …

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