Production-Ready Serverless is coming to a workshop near you!

As we approach the com­ple­tion of my video course Pro­­duc­­tion-Ready Server­less, I have also deliv­ered the course in a class­room set­ting with both Sim­ply­Busi­ness and the DVLA in the UK. In the com­ing months, I will also be run­ning pub­lic work­shops at var­i­ous con­fer­ences and user groups: AWS User Group 17th Oct @ The Tele­graph, Lon­don (sold …

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Step Functions : apply try-catch to a block of states

In my last post we talked about how we can imple­ment sem­a­phores with Step Func­tions. Anoth­er com­mon sce­nario that many peo­ple have is to han­dle errors from a block of states like we’re used to with a try-catch block. try { step1() step2() step3() } catch (States.Timeout) { … } catch (States.ALL) { … } …

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How to create IP-protected endpoints with API Gateway and Lambda

If you haven’t been pay­ing close atten­tion you might have missed the API Gate­way announce­ment for resource poli­cies. It lat­er played a key role in sup­port­ing API Gate­way pri­vate end­points — a way to put your API inside a pri­vate VPC. To con­fig­ure resource poli­cies with the Server­less frame­work, you need to upgrade to v1.28.0 or …

How to cre­ate IP-pro­tect­ed end­points with API Gate­way and Lamb­daRead More »

Centralised logging for AWS Lambda, REVISED (2018)

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for fol­low­ing and read­ing my con­tent. My post on cen­tralised log­ging for AWS Lamb­da has been viewed more than 20K times by now, so it is clear­ly a chal­lenge that many of you have run into. In the post, I out­lined an approach of …

Cen­tralised log­ging for AWS Lamb­da, REVISED (2018)Read More »

Step Functions: how to implement semaphores for state machines

Here at DAZN, we are migrat­ing from our lega­cy plat­form into a brave new world of microfron­tends and microser­vices. Along the way, we also dis­cov­ered the delights that AWS Step Func­tion has to offer, for exam­ple… flex­i­ble error han­dling and retry the under­stat­ed abil­i­ty to wait between tasks the abil­i­ty to mix auto­mat­ed steps with …

Step Func­tions: how to imple­ment sem­a­phores for state machinesRead More »

Video and slides for my talk “applying principles of chaos engineering to Serverless”

Hel­lo, just a quick note to tell you that record­ing of my talk at the recent AWS User Group meet­up is now live! In this talk, I intro­duced the core con­cepts of chaos engi­neer­ing, and the chal­lenges that the Server­less par­a­digm brings to the exist­ing tools and prac­tices we use. I then looked at tech­niques …

Video and slides for my talk “apply­ing prin­ci­ples of chaos engi­neer­ing to Server­less”Read More »

Video and slides for my talk “applying best parts of Microservices to Serverless”

Hel­lo, just a quick note to tell you that record­ing of my keynote at Server­less­Days TLV is now live! In this talk, I looked at a num­ber of impor­tant lessons we learnt from the Microser­vices world and how they are still rel­e­vant to us as move to Server­less, and we can apply past learn­ings and …

Video and slides for my talk “apply­ing best parts of Microser­vices to Server­less”Read More »

auto-create CloudWatch Alarms for APIs with Lambda

In a pre­vi­ous post we dis­cussed how to auto-sub­­scribe a Cloud­Watch Log Group to a Lamb­da func­tion using Cloud­Watch Events. So that we don’t need a man­u­al process to ensure all Lamb­da logs would go to our log aggre­ga­tion ser­vice. Whilst this is use­ful in its own right, it only scratch­es the sur­face of what …

auto-cre­ate Cloud­Watch Alarms for APIs with Lamb­daRead More »

You need to sample debug logs in production

It’s com­mon prac­tice to set log lev­el to WARNING for pro­duc­tion due to traf­fic vol­ume. This is because we have to con­sid­er var­i­ous cost fac­tors: cost of log­ging : Cloud­Watch Logs charges $0.50 per GB ingest­ed. In my expe­ri­ence, this is often much high­er than the Lamb­da invo­ca­tion costs cost of stor­age : Cloud­Watch Logs charges $0.03 …

You need to sam­ple debug logs in pro­duc­tionRead More »

Serverless observability, what can you use out of the box?

part 1 : new chal­lenges to observ­abil­i­ty part 2 : 1st par­ty observ­abil­i­ty tools from AWS <- you are here part 3 : 3rd par­ty observ­abil­i­ty tools part 4: the future of Server­less observ­abil­i­ty In part 1 we talked about the chal­lenges server­less brings to the table. In this post, let’s look at 1st par­ty tools from AWS …

Server­less observ­abil­i­ty, what can you use out of the box?Read More »

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