Advent of Code F# – Day 10

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Day 10

See details of the challenge here.

The input for today’s challenge looks like this:

bot 171 gives low to bot 4 and high to bot 84
bot 1 gives low to bot 117 and high to bot 81
bot 82 gives low to bot 209 and high to bot 103
bot 128 gives low to bot 56 and high to bot 91
value 23 goes to bot 8
bot 7 gives low to bot 148 and high to bot 22

To parse this input file, it feels to me that Regex is the best bet; and to answer the challenge we can run the simulation until one of the bots have both value-17 and value-61 chips.

The bulk of the work happens in the definition for the events sequence. I decided to use a Dictionary  to track the current state of the bots, but I didn’t want to expose that mutability to the outside hence why it was declare inside the definition for events.

Ultimately events is a sequence of tuples telling us which bot gave low and hi values to which targets as we simulate the behaviour of the bots. It makes answering both parts of the challenge really simple.


Part 2

What do you get if you multiply together the values of one chip in each of
outputs 0, 1, and 2?

We can consume the same events sequence we created earlier, and collect any values that are given to output 0, 1 and 2 and multiply them.



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