Weekly update 13

Hi, wel­come to anoth­er week­ly update!

MEAP update for Production-Ready Serverless

We have released 2 new videos on my video course Pro­duc­tion-Ready Server­less!

Remem­ber, whilst the course is still in the MEAP, you can get 40% off the face price using the code ytcui.

I have also turned this course into a class­room set­ting, so if you’re inter­est­ed in hav­ing me run this as a work­shop in your com­pa­ny, then drop me a line via the Con­tact page.

New Posts

Com­mon Node8 mis­takes in Lamb­da. I wrote a guest post for Server­less Inc. where we looked at 5 of the com­mon mis­takes peo­ple make when writ­ing Lamb­da func­tions in Node.js 8.10. I have seen a num­ber of clients make the same mis­takes around the new async-await fea­ture such as still using call­backs in the han­dler func­tion, not using promisi­fy or using async-await inside a forE­ach().


I deliv­ered the open­ing keynote for Server­less­Days Milan and also gave a talk at DevSec­Con Lon­don on server­less secu­ri­ty. The slides are avail­able on slideshare, and the record­ings should be avail­able in the days to come.

This week I will be talk­ing about server­less archi­tec­tur­al pat­terns and server­less secu­ri­ty at Voxxed­Days Bris­tol and Get.Net Gdan­sk.

AWS Announcements

Lamb­da func­tions can now run for up to 15 min­utes, up from 5 mins. Whilst it’s no doubt a use­ful addi­tion, I don’t feel par­tic­u­lar­ly excit­ed about it. It’s not a gen­er­alised solu­tion for the class of prob­lems of “long run­ning tasks”.

You can now man­age server­less appli­ca­tions in the Lamb­da con­sole.

Athena final­ly lets you save the result of a query into a new table!

The Net­work Load Bal­ancer (NLB) now sup­ports inter-region VPC peer­ing.

AWS Con­fig added a bunch of new regions to its mul­ti-account, mul­ti-region aggre­ga­tion.