Weekly update 12

Hi, wel­come to anoth­er week­ly update! It’s been a qui­et week, I have been busy fin­ish­ing off the VPC chap­ter of my video course Pro­duc­tion-Ready Server­less, which should be avail­able to you next week. In the mean­time I do have some new posts that I can share with you :-)

New Posts

We can do bet­ter than per­centile laten­cies. I out­lined a num­ber of prob­lems with per­centile laten­cies as a laten­cy met­ric — they are often aver­aged by providers and that they don’t tell you how bad things are when they go wrong. I pro­posed some ideas of what we can do instead, includ­ing mon­i­tor­ing per­cent­age of requests over SLO instead, and alert­ing on the absence of suc­cess­ful sig­nal instead of try­ing to alert on every pos­si­ble error.

Pric­ing pit­falls in AWS Lamb­da. I drilled into the com­mon mis­takes peo­ple make when it comes to esti­mat­ing the total cost of their server­less appli­ca­tions. Mis­takes such as not con­sid­er­ing the 100ms charge blocks, that you’re still pay­ing for idle, and the addi­tion­al cost of event sources and periph­er­al ser­vices.

Good Reads

With all the media cov­er­age, I don’t think you could have missed the news about the Chi­na hard­ware hack as well as the soft­ware side of the hack. Both Ama­zon and Apple has denied the sto­ry, but as a casu­al observ­er it just makes it the more believ­able! As the say­ing goes “Nev­er believe any­thing in pol­i­tics until it has been offi­cial­ly denied.” :-P

Net­flix pub­lished an awe­some post on the design for their edge load bal­ancer, Zuul 2.

Mar­tin Kleppmann’s talk on CRDTs and dis­trib­uted con­sis­ten­cy is final­ly avail­able on youtube.

Sid­ney Dekker pub­lished a thought pro­vok­ing arti­cle on why we need to bet­ter under­stand “why do things go right?” so we can do more of the right things as much as avoid doing the wrong things.

Jaana Dogan pub­lished an equal­ly thought pro­vok­ing arti­cle on Crit­i­cal Path Dri­ven Devel­op­ment (CPDD), which is a brand new con­cept to me.

Tim Bern­ers-Lee announced his new venue — an open source plat­form called Sol­id, backed by his com­mer­cial enti­ty Inrupt.