New course – Learn you some Lambda best practice for great good!

Yan Cui

I help clients go faster for less using serverless technologies.

Hi, I have some exciting news :-)

I’m publishing a new video course “Learn you some Lambda best practice for great good!“. You can preorder the course right now for the special price of £9.99 (~$13) while I’m still working on the content. The first batch of lessons would be available on the 17th Jan and I expect to publish all the lessons by the end of Feb at the latest. Once finished, all my patrons on Patreon would receive a free copy of the course.

You can sign up and preorder the course here.

Q: how does it compare to your Production-Ready Serverless course on Manning?

Great question! It touches on overlapping areas such as observability, but covers newer features, tools and techniques (such as Provisioned Concurrency) that weren’t available when I made Production-Ready Serverless. It also covers additional areas such as cost optimization and multi-region resilience which were outside the scope of Production-Ready Serverless.

At the same time, there are plenty of topics that are covered in Production-Ready Serverless that I will not cover in this course, such as project organization, testing, etc. Whereas Production-Ready Serverless gives you a hands-on project to follow along and build something from scratch, this course gives you many small, independent lessons (a mix of theory and demos).

Q: What would be the final retail price?

I plan to release the final version at £29.99 (~$39).