Year in review, 2020

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As the curtain draws on a tough year, here’s my 2020 in numbers:

  • 37 blog posts
  • 34 conference talks
  • started 1 book
  • published 2 video courses
  • 2,475 new students to my video courses
  • produced 43 episodes of Real-World Serverless
  • hosted 5 webinars
  • 1236 contributions to 17 OSS projects
  • helped 17 clients adopt serverless
  • ran 10 public workshops


AppSync Masterclass is alive and well

I have been absolutely stunned by the positive reception to my new course, the AppSync Masterclass. This course teaches you how to build scalable GraphQL APIs using serverless technologies such as AWS AppSync, DynamoDB and Lambda. You will learn step-by-step and build out a Twitter clone using these modern technologies.

Since we opened the early access, nearly 500 students have enrolled and the feedback has been great so far!


“Doing the AppSync Masterclass course has given me the confidence and skills to start a project I’ve been wanting to do for 5 years.”

– Geoff Baskwill, Software Developer at Trend Micro


“This is by far the most robust and detailed course on AWS AppSync. Love the step by step examples and walkthrough, and love the testing and design patterns used and build a real-life project. Best AppSync serverless course out there!”

– Orr Levinger, Senior Software Engineer at BeamUP


“Thanks for such great content! Your lessons are full of concepts we need to understand to effectively use AppSync in a project.”

– Santiago Pergamo, Full Stack Developer at AccelOne

Thank you, everyone, for your support and I hope you’re having as much fun learning as I am making this course!


Thank you to all the speakers

I started a new podcast, Real-World Serverless, in February 2020, and have spoken with some truly exceptional people who are building amazing products in the real world using serverless technology.

I want to take a moment and say a big thank you to all the speakers for donating their precious time to share their stories with us!



and thank YOU!

Last but not least, thank you for being part of this growing community and for supporting me in my endeavours.

It’s been a tough year for all of us and I hope you are all staying safe and healthy, and wish you all a happy new year!

See you in 2021.