AOP – using PostSharp attributes with async Task/Task<T> methods

NOTE: if you’re unfa­mil­iar with how Post­Sharp works under the hood, I high­ly rec­om­mend that you check out Dustin Davis’ excel­lent Post­Sharp Prin­ci­ples series of blog posts here. The Prob­lem The new async/await key­words in C# are pret­ty awe­some, and makes life an awful lot eas­i­er when writ­ing asyn­chro­nous and non-block­­ing IO code. How­ev­er, for …

AOP – using Post­Sharp attrib­ut­es with async Task/Task<T> meth­odsRead More »

C# – beware of async void in your code

In gen­er­al, when you see async void in your code it’s bad news, because: you can’t wait for its com­ple­tion (as men­tioned in this post already) any unhan­dled excep­tions will ter­mi­nate your process (ouch!)   Sup­pose you have a timer event that fires every once in a while and you want to do some asyn­chro­nous …

C# – beware of async void in your codeRead More »

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