Dependency Injection

Castle Windsor Tips — say NO to private setter

Now, this is some­thing that has stung me and every sin­gle one of my col­leagues time and time again.. Imag­ine you have an inter­face called IMy­Con­fig­u­ra­tion which has a get-only prop­er­ty: And the imple­ment­ing class takes in a para­me­ter called port in the con­struc­tor and sets the val­ue of the prop­er­ty using a pri­vate set­ter …

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Castle Windsor Tips — specifying IEnumerable in config file

One of the more obscure things I have had to do inside a Cas­tle con­fig is to spec­i­fy an IEnumerable<T> instance which required tak­ing the tech­nique I showed in this post a lit­tle fur­ther: I spec­i­fied the lifestyle of this IEnumerable<T> to be sin­gle­ton as in most cas­es where you would want to do some­thing …

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Castle Windsor Tips — specifying generic types in config file

If you have an inter­face like this: with a con­crete class like this, which you want to wire up with Cas­tle: Then here’s the syn­tax to spec­i­fy the com­po­nent in your Cas­tle Wind­sor con­fig­u­ra­tion file Sim­i­lar­ly, imag­ine if you have more than one gener­ic type para­me­ter: Remem­ber, you need to use the back tick (‘), …

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Buzzword Buster — Dependency Inversion Principle

Def­i­n­i­tion: Depen­den­cy Inver­sion Prin­ci­ple refers to a spe­cif­ic form of decou­pling aimed at rend­ing high-lev­­el mod­ules inde­pen­dent of the low-lev­­el mod­ules’ imple­men­ta­tion details. Its prin­ci­ple states: High-lev­­el mod­ules should not depend on low-lev­­el mod­ules, both should depend on abstrac­tions. Abstrac­tions should not depend upon details. Details should depend upon abstrac­tions. Depen­den­cy Inver­sion Prin­ci­ple is often …

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Buzzword Buster — IoC

Def­i­n­i­tion: Inver­sion of Con­trol (IoC) refers to the inver­sion of the flow of con­trol (the order in which indi­vid­ual state­ments, func­tion calls, etc. are exe­cut­ed) in a soft­ware. You’ll often hear the term Hol­ly­wood prin­ci­ple being men­tioned in the same breath as IoC, it sim­ply states “Don’t call us, we’ll call you” which more or …

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