Nancy self hosting

One of the great thing about Nan­cy is that you can host it in pret­ty much every­where, and that includes inside a con­sole app! The doc­u­men­ta­tions seems to be miss­ing the self-host­ing option how­ev­er, but it’s easy and only takes a minute. First, cre­ate a con­sole app and get the Nancy.Hosting.Self pack­age from NuGet: Then …

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Integrating Nancy with protobuf-net

Over the last cou­ple of days I’ve been play­ing around with Nan­cy, one of a num­ber of micro web frame­works now avail­able for the .Net plat­form. You can read more about Nan­cy on their github readme page but in short it’s an ultra light­weight, eas­i­ly exten­si­ble frame­work that lets you run a HTTP web serv­er …

Inte­grat­ing Nan­cy with pro­to­buf-netRead More »

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