Many-faced threats to Serverless security

Threats to the secu­ri­ty of our server­less appli­ca­tions take many forms, some are the same old foes we have faced before; some are new; and some have tak­en on new forms in the server­less world. As we adopt the server­less par­a­digm for build­ing cloud-host­ed appli­ca­tions, we del­e­gate even more of the oper­a­tional respon­si­bil­i­ties to our …

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NDC Oslo 15 – Takeaways from “50 Shades of AppSec”

This year’s ver­sion of NDC Oslo has a strong secu­ri­ty theme throughout,and one of Troy Hunt’s talks — 50 Shades of AppSec — was one of the top-rat­ed talks at the con­fer­ence based on attendee feed­backs. Sad­ly I missed the talk whilst at the con­fer­ence but hav­ing just watched it on Vimeo it left me …

NDC Oslo 15 – Take­aways from “50 Shades of AppSec”Read More »

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