WPF — how to bind ScaleTransform to Slider, percentage style!

Whilst work­ing on an image view I need­ed the abil­i­ty to bind the val­ue of a Slid­er to a Scale­Trans­form as a per­cent­age val­ue and at the same time dis­play the val­ue of the slid­er in a label. So for a zoom range from 1% to 250% you would usu­al­ly set the Min­i­mum and Max­i­mum …

WPF — how to bind Scale­Trans­form to Slid­er, per­cent­age style!Read More »

WPF — loading grab and grabbing cursors from resource

Of all the cur­sors that we come across on a dai­ly basis, the grab and grab­bing cur­sors are two notable absen­tees in the list of sup­port­ed cur­sors in WPF/Silverlight. So if you hap­pen to need these two cur­sors as I did ear­li­er in the day, then here’s a few easy steps to get you going: …

WPF — load­ing grab and grab­bing cur­sors from resourceRead More »

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