Having fun with HTML5 — Local Storage and Session Storage

HTML5 includes two new ways to store data on the client – local stor­age and ses­sion stor­age. Local stor­age has no time lim­it on how long the data should be kept around, ses­sion stor­age on the oth­er hand (as the name sug­gests) stores data for only one ses­sion. Tra­di­tion­al­ly you can store data on the …

Hav­ing fun with HTML5 — Local Stor­age and Ses­sion Stor­ageRead More »

Having fun with HTML5 — Range type input

Besides the much talked about video tag, HTML5 also intro­duced a cou­ple of new input types, one of which is a rather inter­est­ing range input type which basi­cal­ly trans­lates to a slid­er bar con­trol: The range input type is cur­rent­ly sup­port­ed by the lat­est ver­sions of Safari, Chrome and Opera while oth­er browsers such as …

Hav­ing fun with HTML5 — Range type inputRead More »

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