Threading — understanding the volatile modifier in C#

Whilst work­ing on Bingo.Net I have come across a num­ber of con­cur­ren­cy issues which must be fair­ly com­mon in syn­chro­nous mul­ti­play­er games. Dur­ing my attempts to over­come these obsta­cles I came across the volatile mod­i­fi­er in C# which at first glance looked like a sil­ver­bul­let for all con­cur­ren­cy prob­lems, but under clos­er inspec­tion it more …

Thread­ing — under­stand­ing the volatile mod­i­fi­er in C#Read More »

Thread-safe enumeration in C#

I had a prob­lem with the project I’m work­ing on at work where on the base class I had a list which its child class­es need to have access to in a read-only capac­i­ty but manip­u­la­tion to the list itself is han­dled by the base class only. How­ev­er, the stan­dard C# List<T> and Enumerator<T> are …

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Threading — Using ReaderWriterLockSlim

When deal­ing with concurrency/threading issues in .Net, the nor­mal approach is to use lock() to lock a ded­i­cat­ed sync object like this: This is an effi­cient, sim­ple and well proven way to get thread-safe­­ty in .Net and is prob­a­bly all you’ll ever need in your project. How­ev­er, as this approach ensures only one thread can …

Thread­ing — Using Read­er­Writer­Lock­SlimRead More »

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