Samurai vs Ninja is live!

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Today we released another new slot that runs on our F# slots engine onto JackpotJoy Slots. This time it’s a Japanese themed game with a rather cool bonus game feature Winking smile


Samurai vs Ninja

Samurai vs Ninja is a 25-line slot, when you land a Samurai symbol on the first and a Ninja symbol on the last reel, or a Ninja symbol on the first and a Samurai symbol on the last reel it’ll trigger the bonus game feature!


A samurai and a ninja will fight in the bonus game and the player is asked to ‘back’ one of the fighters. If the player’s chosen fighter wins the subsequent fight then the player will receive a bonus in their chosen bonus game.

image image

If the player had chosen the ninja then the player will go into a pick bonus game after the fight:


On the other hand, if the player had chosen the samurai then the player will go into the free spins mode instead. During the free spins feature the samurai will randomly slash through the reels and the slashed reels will turn into a column of wild symbols.

image image 

So the only question remains, who would you back in a fight!?!?

image  image

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