Simple Speed Tester – moved to Github!

Since I’m lik­ing git more and more by the day, with tools such as Smart­Git and Git­Flow mak­ing the task of man­ag­ing even a com­plex branch­ing mod­el a rel­a­tive­ly easy task, I’ve decid­ed to move my Sim­ple Speed Tester project over to github!

Sim­ple Speed Tester is a very sim­ple frame­work I wrote to help me run bench­marks and is used to pow­er my JSON and bina­ry seri­al­iz­ers bench­marks. It takes cares of some of the orches­tra­tion that you tend to do when run­ning bench­marks, e.g.:

  • repeat­ing a test mul­ti­ple times
  • time the indi­vid­ual runs
  • ignore the min and max runs and use the rest to cal­cu­late a mean­ing­ful aver­age

It’s intend­ed to be real­ly easy to use (see exam­ples here) and for one and only one use case – help you speed test a spe­cif­ic piece of code!

If you’re like me and like to run your own bench­marks then check it out, you can also install it via Nuget.