Weekly update 06

Hi, welcome to another weekly update!

MEAP update for Production-Ready Serverless

We have released a number of new videos on my video course Production-Ready Serverless:

We will publish the next videos on cold starts soon. Remember, whilst the course is still in the MEAP, you can get 40% off the face price using the code ytcui.

I have also turned this course into a classroom setting, so if you’re interested in having me run this as a workshop in your company, then drop me a line via the Contact page.

WeAreDevelopers videos

All the videos from #WeAreDevelopers 2018 is available. Here’s the slides and video for my talk on building a realtime multiplayer mobile game with Akka.

FullStack Videos

All the videos from last week’s FullStack conference is now available online. My talk on serverless in production, an experience report is also available here.

PureSec webinar

Recording of my webinar with Ory Segal, CTO of PureSec, is now available on YouTube. We discussed a number of topics around serverless and security, as showed off a quick demo of how PureSec can help you protect your serverless application.

sphere.it videos

All the videos from sphere.it is now available online. My talk on how to apply principles of chaos engineering to serverless is also available for your viewing pleasure :-)

New Posts

My wish list for AWS Lambda in 2018. Hot on the heels of the SQS announcement, I came up with a list of features I would love to see from AWS Lambda. Amongst these include:

  • ability to pay for a pool of warm containers & ENIs
  • ability to pipe logs to a Kinesis stream without first going through CloudWatch Logs
  • predicative scaling
  • finalizer handler to clean up resources when a container garbage collected

AWS Announcements

IAM introduces permissions boundaries. This plugs a big gap in the current IAM permission model, where anyone with the permission to create new IAM roles can create more permissive roles than their own. Check out this thread by Ben Kehoe, which accurately summarises the problem as well as limitations with the new feature.

S3 announces increased request rate performance. This is huge, and removes the performance bottleneck with S3 that required us to use randomized keys in the past.

Good reads

Unit testing for Node.js Serverless projects with Jest.

Using SQS with AWS Lambda and Serverless.

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