Weekly update 22

Yan Cui

I help clients go faster for less using serverless technologies.

Hi, welcome to another weekly update, I have quite a few new posts for you this week!

New posts

Making Terraform and Serverless framework work together. In this post I discussed some ways you can reference Terraform-managed resources from the Serverless framework. This is a common challenge presented to teams that are using both Terraform and Serverless framework and one that we have had to face at DAZN on a regular basis.

How to test Serverless apps. I wrote a guest post for Epsagon on how to test your serverless application. We looked at how serverless apps have a different risk profile and why you need to approach testing differently. And we go through the different stages of testing you can do to gain confidence that what ship actually works.

Canary deployment for AWS Lambda. I wrote a guest post for Lumigo on how you can implement canary deployments using weighted aliases and CodeDeploy. We also talked about the limitations with this approach and listed some alternatives you can consider.

Comparison of Lambda deployment frameworks. Another guest post for Lumigo where I compared a number of the most popular deployment frameworks out there for Lambda.

Lambda layers, when to use it. Another guest post for Lumigo on Lambda layers. What it is; how it works; how it poses some challenges to our toolchain; and when you should consider using Lambda layers.

Mono repo vs one per service. Another guest post for Lumigo on a question that quite a few people have asked me – “do you put all your functions into a mono repo, or do you have one repo per service?” I shared my thoughts on the topic and summarized insights others (who have experienced both approaches at scale) have shared with me.


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