Weekly update 32

Yan Cui

I help clients go faster for less using serverless technologies.

Hi, welcome to another weekly update :-)

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New posts

SQS and Lambda: the missing guide on failure modes. In this post, I discussed the most common failure modes when using SQS with Lambda.

A simple event-sourcing example with snapshots using Lambda and DynamoDB. In this post, I used a demo app to illustrate how you can implement event sourcing with snapshots using Lambda and DynamoDB.


I did a quick interview with Think Serverless, you can read all about it here.


I hosted a webinar with Lumigo on Troubleshooting Serverless Applications. The slides are already available on SlideShare, and the recording should be available on Lumigo’s website soon.

O’Reilly Live Training

My live online training course Designing Serverless Architecture with AWS Lambda is coming back to O’Reilly for another run on Oct 15th & 16th. You can check out the curriculum and register for the session here. Psst.. if you time it right, you can also take the course with a free trial ;-)

Open Source Contributions

I have been busy the last 2 weeks!


We released a couple of new features that I think you’ll really enjoy:


I have been working with Horike-san on another one of his awesome Serverless plugins. This plugin makes it easy for you to configure AWS service proxies for API Gateway, which is a powerful but often under-utilized feature. We’re proud to announce that the plugin has hit the 1.0 milestone and is now considered stable and ready for use.

At the time of writing, you can configure service proxies for:

  • SQS
  • S3
  • SNS
  • Kinesis streams

and DynamoDB support is in the works.


I have also been working with Efi and Aviad at Lumigo to bring you the serverless-lumigo plugin, which makes it easy for you to install the Lumigo tracer into your project. The plugin would install the latest Lumigo tracer and wrap your functions for you so you can get started with Lumigo without having to manually wrap all your functions with our tracer.